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Hey there! Nora here!!! Looks like over 60 of you guys are going to attend, and  there are more maybe attending! Wow that’s a lot!!!! I hope you all are excited and are reading each message we have sent out! If you haven’t yet read all the messages please read them, and if you joined the event after we sent them then go to our livejournal! philly-hetalia . livejournal . com (take out spaces). We have been working hard to make this event the best it could be, and it’s important that you read everything to make this event the best ever!!!!
Now....Onto other matters of business…… the rules! I know rules can be annoying… but they are to keep you all safe, and to keep hetalia day as fun as possible!!! 
hetalia-day . com/ 2010 /codeofconduct . html (take out spaces)
It’s the Code of conduct for all Hetalia day events!!! Cosplay Chess is the only time you can break the “No mock fighting” rule, other than that don’t break this rule! This is very important, and anyone who breaks one of these rules will be given a warning by one of the organizer. If you break the rule again you WILL be asked to LEAVE! I’m sorry, but rules are important and we must follow them!
Rules I feel that need to be highlighted!
I don’t want us to get in trouble, so I’m going to say that no weapons are allowed! I’m sorry guys. There will be some exceptions to this rule though! Like a frying pan for Hungary, or if you make a pipe out of something other than metal for Russia! I know that Cosplay Chess is about fighting….. but you can get through it without weapons!
We want to keep the park beautiful, so PLEASE clean up your trash!!!! If you see trash on the ground, pick it up even If it isn’t yours! We want the park to like us, so that we could go back next year!
I know I won’t be happy if a flag is on the ground :l So don’t make it touch the ground, don’t sit on it, and don’t use it as a cape. RESPECT IT! People fight for the countries that those flags represent, and some people will feel really strongly if you disrespect a flag! We are going to be in a public place, and if someone else besides us sees you disrespecting they might get VERY offended! So please, RESPECT the flags! I’m going to recommend you guys to leave the big flags at home if you don’t want to deal with them, but I can’t stop you!
This is important!!! We have the right to ask you to leave, and we have authority! So please listen to us! We just want to ensure your safety, and that we have a good time without being asked to leave!
Also! Here are some things I’d recommend bringing!
-Water! We do NOT want people to get dehydrated…. So PLEASE bring your own water… or something to hydrate you!
-Little snacks for yourself…. In case we run out of food… or just in case you don’t like the food at the meet up (I’m a picky eater so I understand this)
- A Jacket!!! The high is only gonna be 60….. some of you cosplayers with uniforms don’t need to worry about this…. But for some of you…. A jacket would be wonderful! We don’t want anyone freezing xD
-(OPTIONAL) A sheet to sit on! We will be in a grassy area and I know some people don’t like to sit on the ground. Some of you also might have lighter cosplays that you don’t want to get grass stains/mud on!
-(OPTIONAL) Paper and pencils! We all know you’ll most likely make friends, so bring these so you can write down people’s info 8D
I think that’s all for recommended things to bring xD
Tomorrow we will be meeting up at 11 am! Me and your other organizers will be there a little earlier so you don’t arrive first and be confused! xDDD We will be meeting across from the Shofuso House and Gardens in Fairmount park! Refer to the location message for more info on that!!!! I am planning to have the photoshoot around 1….. to give the late people time to get there!!!! The event will end at 5 pm and we want everyone to leave by then so that you can all stay safe! 
Message if you have any more questions!!!!! Remember to subject the messages appropriately with either “Food”,”Activities”,”Location”,”Meet Me”, or “Other”
I will be checking emails all night! At least when I’m not working on my cosplay xD ahahaha
And one last thing! I am going to give you guys my cell phone number…. But before I do… read this:
DO NOT ABUSE MY NUMBER!!!! Use this ONLY if you need a question answered either right away or if you are lost tomorrow! I’d say text first since I answer texts I don’t know before I answer calls I don’t know xD Also if you text, PLEASE SAY YOUR NAME WHEN YOU TEXT OR CALL AND THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING HETALIA DAY  Also remember….. ONLY TEXT A QUESTION IF IT NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED RIGHT AWAY! Other than that, send an email or message. 
Now that you’ve read that, here’s my number:
Weellllll that’s all! See you guys tomorrow!
Nora over and out!
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Another repost from facebook~! <3

Hey everybody!

This is the location message, and it will be broken down into two main parts. The first will be if you are being driven/driving yourself, the second is public transportation [which will be longer].

The bottom bit is very, very important, so please please read it. Even if you're set for getting to the park, please read it.


The address for where we are at Hetalia Day:
Shofuso Gardens 
Lansdowne Dr and S Horticultural Dr
Philadelphia, PA 19019

We're not really at Shofuso, we're in the grass by them, but it's an easier way to find the place.

If you're coming from west of Philly, you shouldn't cross the river. It's the west side of the park, by the Please Touch Museum. From what I remember, there's a slate stone path, and a little pagoda. A few benches too. It's open with a few trees, and very pretty.

If you know that Belmont Ave splits the West Side of Fairmount Park in half, the place is right off of Belmont.


Here, I'm only giving you directions from the stops to the park, because I don't know where you all live and if I did, that'd be a very long list of direction links!
And read what's after these stops, PLEASE. It's something I'll stress a lot.

Lancaster and Girard. This appears to be a trolley and bus stop This is one of the easiest to use, since there's little turns and it's one of the closest to the parks.
And since none of my links have worked, here's the exact address: Lancaster and Girard Station, 4821 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA to Shofuso Japanese House & Garden, Lansdowne Dr & S Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19019

Lancaster and 52nd. I walked to this one last year (I believe) and it's pretty much a straight shot as well. 
Trip from Lancaster and 52nd Station, Philadelphia, PA 19131 to Shofuso Japanese House & Garden, Lansdowne Dr & S Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19019

It looks like they may be on the same lines, but I'm not looking at schedules as I do this. Schedules are up to you guys, because they're all on the transport websites! Plus I figured if you're taking public transport, you know what to do.

I would NOT recommend taking a train unless you are taking bus or something after that - it's an hour long walk to the park.


"Safety in numbers" is what I'm going to address this all with. I walked to one of these stations once. I was with my friend and a guy, and I still was a little uncomfortable walking through the houses. The city itself is not a very nice place. If you are coming by public transport, and you do not have friends, please message me or one of the other admins, or email us at with subject title as "Meet Me". Meeting you wouldn't be a problem at all. We don't want you walking alone.

I'm not going to lie and tell you guys that the park is perfectly safe and nothing could hurt you. 

I do not want anyone to wander off alone. Wandering off means out of sight. I don't want to sound like a parent talking to toddlers, but we would like to know that if you are out of sight, you have at least one other person with you. We'd really feel a lot better about that.

So yeah! That's all we really have to say.

TL;DR: Stay in groups, email us at if you have any questions - with "Meet Me" if you're alone/in a group but still not comfortable or "Location" if you have any questions about that.

See you Saturday~!!!!

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Another repost from facebook~!

Hello everyone!

Kacie, aka. Mikida, from the food committee here! So I just wanted to send out a quick message to you all regarding, well, FOOD! It's looking like we have a possibility of over 100 people coming to this event! Wow! So that means we'll need a lot of food to keep everyone nourished throughout the day. Now Becca and I can't do this alone, so we're going to need your help. 

Whatever you can bring as far as food, drinks, plates, napkins, garbage bags, and silverware will be greatly appreciated! If you can, keep the food cultural and diverse, since it's Hetalia Day after all, and what better to have than a variety of cultural food?!

So if you plan on bringing anything in relation to what was said above, here's what I need you to do. Please send an email to with the subject title "Food". In this email, please write what you are planning to bring, whether it's edible or what we'll be using to put the edible things on/in, along with how much of it you are planning on bringing. This will give us a general idea of how much food we'll have at the event, and we'll be able to send out a message if we're receiving too much of one item. 

ALSO IN THE EMAIL, IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF ALLERGIES AT ALL, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL US. This is the only way we'll be able to tell people that they need to either label their food with what's in it, or to not include any food with said ingredient in it at all. Whether it's airborne of if you actually have to eat it, please make it known. The last thing we want to do is to be sending someone to the hospital. :(

Thanks guys! Hope to hear from you soon, and can't wait to see you at Hetalia Day!
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Games and Activities 2011

Repost from Facebook

Hey guys! 

As part of our games schedule, we're hosting cosplay chess again this year and we're wondering if we have any volunteers to act as the PLAYERS (the two people who are actually playing the chess game). We want to decide who the two players are in advance this year, as last year, we had someone who didn't know how to play chess, directing the pieces- which is fun, but very slow and confusing. 

So if you're interested in playing chess and directing the 'pieces', please email us at with the subject 'Chess'
(We'll have a chess set available, so you can see the board and pieces clearly.)

Also, another possible part of the day, would be the Hetalia Dating Game! It would be run similarly to that of your typical Anime dating games that are hosted at conventions, what with one character asking questions to three bachelors or bachelorettes. We ask that only cosplayers join in this game, so everyone knows what character you're being!

If you are interested in being the main bachelor/bachelorette, please come up with a list of questions (that are relevant to dating and/or your character) beforehand! This is just an easy way to ensure the game goes smoothly. 

Thanks, feel free to hit me up with any questions, and hope to see you all at Hetalia Day!


Hetalia Day 2011~!

Repost from Facebook!!!

Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the late start with planning this years Hetalia day.... I've been a bit busy with school.

Anyway! For those of you who don't know me... I'm Nora and I am in charge of this year's Hetalia Day! 
Some of you might know me from last year.... since I also planned it last year

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Facebook Event Here! Please try and attend the facebook event so we can see how many people are joining us~! 

Nora signing out!

lets hope I'm not forgetting anything important
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Hey guys! Here's some important last minute things you need to know before tommarow!!!! this is important!!!! PLEASE READ IT ALL!!!!
also if you don't have a facebook.... please email me so i can send you a group list~!

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That should be most of the rules! I think :l anyway…. Other info!

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So ya… I think I covered everything…. If I forgot something… I’ll message it later~!

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The long awaited location post~! Sorry it took so long, but we did not mean to wait this long ^^;; We had issues with the address and the map quality :l

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This is unrelated to the location, but i don't want to spam xD
Tokyopop has sent me Hetalia day 2010 cards to hand out~! The only problem is, there are only 70.... so the cards will be handed out on a first come first serve basis~!
Sorry about that....

also.....Thanks for everyone who has sent me an email regarding their groups so far~!
I've sent confirmation emails back, so if you don't get a confirmation email within 12 hours... I didn't get the email!
I can tell some people didn't send me an email yet!

Also I can not stress this enough..... PLEASE include your name and friend's names in the post! Some people havn't done that.... and it REALLY doesn't help!

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repost from Facebook xD

Hey guys Nora here~!
Almost 3 weeks until Hetalia Day~! We're still working on the location, and we'll message you guys as soon as we get the exact location!!!!

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is food... We all need to eat! And with such a big group we shouldn't go wander somewhere to eat.

I was wondering, who would be able to bring food to the event???
Anything you want to bring, tell us!!!!

We also don't want everything to be sweets, so healthy foods would be a good idea too!! xD

I'd like to say, try to keep things without peanuts, almonds, or anything like that since we don't know what kind of allergies people have. If you want to bring something like that, then PLEASE mark it!

So if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding food.... Don't hesitate to ask me~! ^^

Games and activities will be in the next post~!

hopefully I didn't leave anything out.....