August 16th, 2010


Welcome to Philly_Hetalia!

Heyyy guys! Nora here! This is my first community... so ya.. dont kill me xDD

anywaaayyy~! I'm a cosplayer in the Philly area, and we've had multiple meets between Philidelphia and King of Prussia, but we never really invite people outside our group of friends!
So i thought i might make this group so other people around the Philly area can join in on the fun we have at our meets!!!
So ya.... if you live in the area and you feel like joining us... go ahead~!
we don't bite! We love having new people! Just as long as your respectful xD
if you have any questions.... feel free to leave a comment~

run keldeo

Hetalia Day 2010

It's that time again~! Hetalia Day!
I didn't go to any meets last year... but i thought I'd make a Philly meet for this year!!!

Here's the Info i have so far~!

What: Hetalia Day!
Who: Hetalians of Philadelphia or the Philly area~! No need to cosplay, but it's definitely welcome~!
When: October 24th from 12 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Philadelphia! Most likely fairmount park
Why: To have fun on Hetalia Day!!!!
RVSP: at the facebook event here if you have one!

Like it says above, I need opinions for where to meetup!

Also comment with anything you want to do, like games is welcome!
Food is also welcome~!

This will be updated later~ as i get more info!
Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment! or message me on AIM or through email~!

AIM- lyokoluver58