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Hetalia Day 2010
run keldeo
noraluvr58 wrote in philly_hetalia
It's that time again~! Hetalia Day!
I didn't go to any meets last year... but i thought I'd make a Philly meet for this year!!!

Here's the Info i have so far~!

What: Hetalia Day!
Who: Hetalians of Philadelphia or the Philly area~! No need to cosplay, but it's definitely welcome~!
When: October 24th from 12 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Philadelphia! Most likely fairmount park
Why: To have fun on Hetalia Day!!!!
RVSP: at the facebook event here if you have one! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=142896669078155

Like it says above, I need opinions for where to meetup!

Also comment with anything you want to do, like games is welcome!
Food is also welcome~!

This will be updated later~ as i get more info!
Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment! or message me on AIM or through email~!

AIM- lyokoluver58
Email- lyokoluver58@aim.com


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Yay! I've been wondering when someone was going to make one for Philadelphia! I was beginning to think I was the only one.

Haha I was actually waiting for someone else to host the event.... Then I got tired of waiting and decided to make it myself xDD

I actually know alot of people that are gonna go to this!!!! So we'll have a good group~

I'm guessing your gonna go? Weell I guess I'll see you there~?

I was waiting for a Philadelphia meetup.^^ I think I might go; it would be my first one, so I'll be really nervous.;; I actually found these candies that are flavored like the various liquours around the world (so Hetalia), and they're wrapped in little flags; the Russia one even says vodka.XD If I go, I think I'll bring several bags of these although they might taste awful. As for a meetup place, I suggest the outdoor fountains by the Comcast center just because it's pretty easy to find.

haha dont be nervous~! We're all really friendly here!! i know alot of people going to this meet ^^
and omg that would be amazing if you brought them~!
and ill keep that idea in mind~!
i got a couple opinions on locations~!

I saw this group when I was looking for a meetup thread in the Hetalia community! I joined btw XD

And I have to say FINALLY someone who isn't 2 hours away from me! My Prussia and I (Austria X3) were thinking of a photoshoot and I thought "how about at a meet?" XD So she and I would love to come if we can! 8D

I had this park in mind if you need a suggestion! I forgot the name of it but my America friend should be writing back soon.

yaayyy for joining~! <3
ahahaha theres actually alot of hetalians around here :l i know most of them xDDD
and we'd love to have you at our meets~!! we have alot of them xDDD

ohhh? im up for suggestions on places~!!!!!

(also i like your userpic)

Anywho, I suggest Fairmount Park? In the huge fountain area? They would most likely let us.
Or maybe the Philidelphia Art Museum, and ont he stairs we could do a Rocky Run? XD
I just have suggestions, I really hope these will help!


loollzzz holy pickles xDD
hmm... maaybeee.... idk... i reaaalllyyy need to ask my one friend >>

and i dont wanna go to any museums... since there is gonna be ALOT of us :l and a rocky run would be fun but... once again... amount of people OTL
but thanx for the suggestions~! fairmount part might be good~!

hope to see ya there~!



I just found this...in time! Do I still have time to RSVP?? Do you know exactly where it will be yet?

you can still RVSP~! We don't know the exact location yet, but keep up with the Philly Hetalia community or facebook to get info for when we get the location!

I'm really glad there's going to be one for Philly! I was starting to get a bit worried that no one around here liked Hetalia! XD
I hope I'm not the only one there that doesn't know anyone, though...^^; I tend to get nervous around people that all know each other.

not everyone knows each other.... I only know about 20 people going to this event xDD and theres like, 60 i think xD

I really wanna go but I dont have a FB...any info other than food and $10 I should know?????

If you keep up to date with the Philly Hetalia Day community, you'll get up to date with the important info since i repost everything rom facebook onto here!

(Deleted comment)
Hey!! Your not late ^^ as long as you can keep up with the LJ posts on our community.... Or the facebook messages, you should be fine!!!!
And since this will help me.... If you can please send an email to me with your name that would be great!

Maybe I could go if I have time that week. It sounds like going to a con just for Hetalia. Oh, and will anyone be going to Zenkaikon 2011 at King of Prussia? If you are, I'll be going too, and I can't wait. ^w^

;w; Sorry, but you missed it for this year...it was October 24th. Nora says she's planning one for this coming October, though! ^u^

i'd definitley be up for that! i'm in South Jersey soooo yeah, I'll drag a couple friends along. *prays there's no XC meets*

Oh Schnitzel.... *Has just realized this is for 2010* Please tell me there's gonna be a 2011?

Sorry if this is kinda late..... but I actually just posted info for this year~! <3

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