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Hetalia Day 2010

It's that time again~! Hetalia Day!
I didn't go to any meets last year... but i thought I'd make a Philly meet for this year!!!

Here's the Info i have so far~!

What: Hetalia Day!
Who: Hetalians of Philadelphia or the Philly area~! No need to cosplay, but it's definitely welcome~!
When: October 24th from 12 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Philadelphia! Most likely fairmount park
Why: To have fun on Hetalia Day!!!!
RVSP: at the facebook event here if you have one!

Like it says above, I need opinions for where to meetup!

Also comment with anything you want to do, like games is welcome!
Food is also welcome~!

This will be updated later~ as i get more info!
Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment! or message me on AIM or through email~!

AIM- lyokoluver58

Tags: hetalia day 2010, meetup plans
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